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Occupy… November 15, 2011

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After two months of the Occupy movement, I’m still AR a loss of the purpose. There has yet to be a unified thought or desire except that Wall Street is bad. Somehow sleeping in a park is good. Is sitting in the park, chanting, holding consensus meetings, holding signs, a protest that’s effecting Wall Street?

Maybe it’s bias in the articles, but it seems like the 99% spends quite a bit of time disc rinsing against itself, especially those who have money and/or jobs and the extreme impoverished. It’s sad, but you can’t run a protest for 99% of the population because we have various different theories of the problem and the potential solutions.

Besides the student loan abatement, no solutions have been relayed to anyone who could make a difference. No ones in charge, so why would anyone take any of the people seriously? Listening to one may not likely change anything.

At this point, I think the Occupiers are being selfish. Co-opting the idea of the 99%, putting the rest of in a ‘them versus us’ dichotomy. As much as I agree with the idea behind the Occupiers, they should all go home and stop putting a strain on the communities in which they inhabit. This indefinite taking of public property is only affecting the rest of the 99%.


Motives: A Review of a Review September 28, 2011

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This is a social commentary, mainly about race, so if you don’t want to read it, I’m glad you stopped by.

Over the weekend, I watched a movie called Motives and it’s creatively entitled sequel Motives: 2. I actually enjoyed them.  I emphasize this because I’m not a fan of “black” or “afro-centric” movies. I know we have a lot of talent, but there seems to be this overwhelming push to see a “black” movie (one written, directed and/or produced by someone black, then casted majority black) no matter how good the movie is (uh-hum, Tyler Perry). For the record, I respect his drive and his determination, but I hate his movies. They are progressively spiraling down into a theme of “There are no positive black people without major scars and those scars will rub off in the most negative way to the people in our lives”. 

Well, this isn’t a commentary on black films in general. It’s a review of a review. There are very few reviews for the first film and virtually none for part two. Considering I don’t think they were any worse (or better) than what’s regularly produced and shown on the big screen, I am disappointed that I never knew about these films, released in 2004 and 2007.  The premise is a fatal attraction reversed, with enough twists and turns to keep you watching, and an interesting ending. Part 2 is a revenge story, again with adequate twists and turns. I filled 3.5 hours of time enjoying these movies.

Now to the crux of this post – the review of the review. The reviews are pretty much in line with what I said above. But one particular reviewer said something that just kinda pissed me off. To paraphrase, he said that he didn’t really appreciate the mainly black cast because he felt that it was an unAmerican view of the world. WHAT?!? HUH?!?

I don’t respond that way because I feel that the most successful black people are only investigated by successful black detectives, in a wealthy area of [insert place here], but really? That’s something in your review?  Have you watched pretty much any other movie/television show/skit/etc. out there? It’s a sea of white people, surrounded by more white people. I’ll use the wonderful cliche, I have a white friend.  Actually I have a lot of white friends. I went to UCLA, and then to law school, one of the whitest professions out there. 

One of my favorite shows is the Good Wife!  It’s set in a law firm and besides the investigator, and the occasional appearance by the “successful partner in a part of the building that you never see”, it’s all white. Guess what? I’m ok with it. Not because I believe it’s accurate, but because I enjoy the story.  The writing is strong and extremely intriguing. 

I work in a law firm. This is the fourth law firm that I’ve worked in of varying sizes. I have never seen such a lack of diversity in a law firm and law firms aren’t diverse. Here’s the most recent rankings and an article attached of the most “diverse” law firms. It’s apparent that math isn’t lawyers strong suit and when you add 25.4% of one group and 18.5% of a different group, you do not get 45.9.  But lawyers need to feel good about themselves.

Anyway… Why would someone put in a review that a mostly black cast is unAmerican? As if the rest of the world is playing by these rules. Just as it’s not fair that whites don’t get the same equal protection as minorities, this guy should not be commenting on the lack of diversity unless it’s a clause in every one of his reviews.

P.S. I know I didn’t link to the guy’s/girl’s post. I didn’t actually double-check. I don’t want to drive any easy traffic to him where he would benefit. Of course, this blog may do that, I understand.