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Birthday… celebration or not? June 14, 2012

Filed under: Blogging,Family — aprilgrant @ 11:14 pm

Today is my mother’s birthday. Ten years ago, we spoke everyday, sometimes hours each day. We don’t speak much any more. I’d be lucky to hear from her twice in a month. In short, we’ve had a very rocky road, we don’t speak much. One day, I may enlighten you to the details of this rocky road. Right now is not the time.

Alas, today is my mother’s birthday! I sent my siblings a text a couple of days ago to determine what they were doing for this occasion. One said “A card? I have finals.” The other said, “Is it today?” For me, I haven’t done much for her in years.

I used to buy her jewelry, expensive it was (for me), costing between $50 to $300 every year for her birthday and/or Mother’s Day on a teenagers bank account. She doesn’t have any of those pieces anymore. Now, I don’t buy anything.

I sent her a text this morning. I didn’t get a text response. I got a phone call saying that she’d “appreciate” a call from me and her grandchildren. She hasn’t called, emailed or texted since I reached out somewhere around Mother’s Day, so that’s about a month, right?

Every interaction with her seems strained now. It saddens me to feel this way, but how am I supposed to feel? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with this information. You’d “appreciate” a call, but you waited until your birthday and a return of my text to even bother to call to speak to me or your grandchildren. Your other children didn’t even remember that your birthday was coming or they were too busy to care.

I’ll call her tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll make the conversation at a good time for both of us.


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