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Why Black Women are Fat May 20, 2012

Filed under: Blogging — aprilgrant @ 10:23 pm

I read this article over at the NY Times – Why Black Women Are Fat. Although I agree we are fat, I think it has some valid points, I think it misses the mark.

Yes, culturally black women are prone to be fat. Yes, our men would like some meat on our bones. Yes, our food pretty much mandates that we get fat.

But know the Tyler Perry movies and Big Momma’s house? It used to be the old mama, the matriarch of the family who was fat. The rest were “phat”. Growing up “phat” used to mean a little junk in the trunk and a little cushion for the pushin. Now it’s just plain fat – rolls and all.

Now, I’m not criticizing anyone for being happy with the size that they are, but I don’t think it’s something strictly for the black community. However, we have taken it to an extreme. Even though we are increasing with abundance, so is every other culture. Whites, blacks, latinos, and asians are all packing on the pounds.

This is an epidemic. This is America. This is the world.

I do agree that we, as black women, need to change the perception that we’re fat, instead of being fabulously phat. There are some great groups and places working to change that, like iS.W.E.A.T. Studio, Black Women DO Workout, and Nubian Fitness Goddess.


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