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More likely 72, at least 60 May 20, 2012

Filed under: Blogging,Children,Family — aprilgrant @ 8:53 am

Yesterday went well, but today she’s exhausted, we’re exhausted.

Everything seems to be a catch-22. B is now taking a pacifier, giving her comfort where I can’t. She’s taking it because she’s starving. My baby hasn’t eaten since midnight yesterday, 30 hours. It’s torture. I want to feed her, but can’t.

She’s catching up on missed sleep. She wasn’t a great sleeper before, but now she’s sleeping most of the day. Easier to sleep than being awake hungry.

She’s taking to her dad more. She let’s him hold her and take her. Easier to be with dad than smell milk from mom that she can’t have.
Her sodium numbers are coming up, slow and steady. Her veins are collapsing from constant poking. So testing is getting harder and harder.

Household bills will be slightly lower, not spending time at home or out. We aren’t comfy and certainly not cozy.

Things are looking up. She should hit the goal sodium level at this or the next blood draw. It’s drawn every 6 hours. Then I’ll feed her. At least she will get to eat today. 

Oh, the xray came back negative, the ultrasound showed an inflamed kidney from the back flow from the bladder infection. Hopefully once the infection is gone, everything else will go away. It’s a common problem. Not normally in children this young. So more tests need to be done. Some of the blood has already been taken, we’re just waiting for results.


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