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Evening to night to morning. May 19, 2012

Filed under: Blogging,Children,Family — aprilgrant @ 12:58 am

We first went to the doctor yesterday at about 11 am. We then went to the hospital about 4. We have been transferred to another hospital.

B has been poked and prodded, stuck at least a dozen times in her arms, legs and two other places I don’t care to mention. She’s cried, a lot. She has started turning her head when those with familiar shrubs come around. She seeks my comfort, she opens her arms wide, only for me to hold them down.

We’ve been.told her electrolytes were off. Here, I thought it was a word Gatorade made up to sell sugar water PLUS. Her potassium is high, her sodium is low. She’s receiving fluids, antibiotics and things that her poo.

It got to the point that I had to walk out. I just wanted to cuss everyone out and take my baby home.

They are running tests every few hours. More prodding and poking to come. She’s finally resting, she has another six hours of peace. My husband is in a chair, leaning on her bed. I’m on a pull out, writing this blog while I pump.

I’m so tired. I’ve cried many times today. I don’t get it. I play by the rules, stay out of trouble. My family doesn’t have any history of pretty much anything but high blood pressure and diabetes because we’re fat. Neither of which I suffered from during my pregnancy. And I’m not diabetic.

Lots of questions. Only superficial answers so far. In the morning, I’m told we’ll know more. It’s 1:17 in the morning, so I guess they meant later. 😦


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