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24 becomes 48, maybe 72 May 19, 2012

Filed under: Blogging,Children,Family — aprilgrant @ 9:57 am

Now that I’m not completely pissed off, I sit here with my baby girl sleeping peacefully on my chest. She hasn’t eaten food since 7 pm yesterday and doesn’t look like she will any time soon, probably not the rest of the day.

She’s been gnawing at her fingers, looking for food with the commonly known (by breastfeeding mothers) move called the head dive. 

Her sodium levels have increased and the potassium level is normal. Sadly, all of this could have been caused by a simple bladder infection. But it could be much worse.

As explained to us, her sodium levels were so low that people who come to the ER with that level will be unconscious or having seizures.  But my baby girl was and has been happy (except when people want to hold her down and stick things in her), alert, and playful.

It seems baby girl has had this problem for a while and had managed to compensate for it. There’s something wrong with her kidneys, but since its connected to her bladder, back to the bladder infection as the cause.

Because of that, they have to reintroduce sodium very slowly, otherwise can send her into a catatonic state. Breastfeeding or feeding of any kind can slow the progress or even regress it. Too risky to try.


At this point, she’s only going to be poked every six hours or so. And her veins are healing between pokes so they can get in and out quickly.

So, best case scenario, we’ll be on our way home this time tomorrow. Worst case, maybe Monday or Tuesday. The test results have to still tell us the cause.


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