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Are you glad you have a daughter? March 9, 2012

Filed under: Family — aprilgrant @ 11:09 am

I was asked this question last week: Are you glad you have a daughter? As you’ve read in earlier posts, I wanted a house full of boys. No girls. I wanted to be the queen of my castle, with no competing estrogen or hormones.

My daughter was born in December and I love to have her. I love taking care of her and I love to be around her. I can honestly say that I have no idea. She’s little, she’s fun. It would be the same if “she” were a “he”.

I have not been overwhelmed by the number of “cute” clothes in the stores. She has plenty of clothes and I have happily used them. I have gone to the babies department at Target at least a dozen times since her birth and have yet to buy a dress or quite frankly, anything “girly”. Don’t get me wrong, I think the clothes are adorable, but I still hate shopping and I hate spending money unnecessarily.

My thoughts and feelings may change as she ages. I may like shopping, want to put her in “cute” this and “cute” that, but I don’t see it. Thankfully, she’s got three aunts and two grandmothers!


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