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Going to a Ball January 22, 2012

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Having a daughter has really opened my eyes to the wonderful world of clothes.  Pretty ones, shiny ones, fluffy ones, all sorts of clothing. Oh and the dresses! The  dresses are fit for princesses. Great colors with lots of bling!image

But where, may I ask, are these infants going? Am I missing out on the infant ball? Is there a special princess party where you take all the little girls and they stroll the catwalk?

There’s a full section of these lovely things. A part of an industry that’s dedicated to providing nice clothes, excuse me, gorgeous clothes for little itty bitty tiny tots.

Let’s just assume there is some place for them to go. Where would it be?

Thought I would be able to find some babies sporting these dresses online, but sadly enough, there were few to be found.

Watch out for a future post on All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go!


One Response to “Going to a Ball”

  1. aprilgrant Says:

    I really need to get a better camera… this selling phone camera sucks!

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