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Busy as ever January 14, 2012

Filed under: Blogging,Family — aprilgrant @ 5:24 pm

So, in short, I’m studying for the bar. It’s a hard exam in almost any state, but in California, it’s no joke.

I graduated from law school over 7 years ago. But having my son during my third year of law school, made the test a little difficult. I also think I was a little arrogant. I was really close… I mean, really close, but as the song goes ‘almost doesn’t count’.

So, seven years later, here I am again. Trying to determine how to break my addiction to the television, take care of my son, husband and house, and study effectively. I’ve tried not coming on here to blog (hence the reason there have been on posts of late), but sometimes any break is a good one. Of course, it is when you’re studying.

Have you ever been really overwhelmed? I mean really overwhelmed? Knowing that others are counting on you to “do your thing” and then they still kinda just live their own life. They don’t really change much to be accomodating to the changes that you have to make.

But here I am, studying. Or I should say taking a break from studying. About to practice writing. What about you? What stresses you out?


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