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Gift Giving January 1, 2012

Filed under: Blogging,Christmas,Family — aprilgrant @ 5:39 pm

I meant to get this out before today, now that we’re on a new leaf.

So, what do you think about gifts with strings attached? Have you received them? What did you do with them?

As an example, my mother’s gift to me and everyone in the family was a daily devotional. A devotional is a book of prayers meant to be read on a regul

ar basis, normally daily.

The string attached to this gift is reading and checking in with the family on a weekly basis. A once-a-week phone call to people I don’t speak with regularly. For a year!

Honestly, I haven’t stuck with a devotional more than a week, if that. So, what do I do? It’s not a gift that’s regiftable.

Lol. That would be great, have someone else read and check-in.

What say you?


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