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I wish I were invited… December 28, 2011

Filed under: Family — aprilgrant @ 2:23 pm

But ultimately glad I wasn’t.

Being in my family, I’m left out a lot. Regularly not invited to lunches or other outings. I try not to be offended, but its really hard not to be. On maternity leave and nursing and not having any stored milk, there are plenty of reasons to not be invited. Although I’m not sure those are why I’m not.

But after hearing about the on goings at various lunches, ie shit-talking and other negativity, sometimes I’m glad I’m not invited. I’m far from the most positive person in the world, but some situations are just sad. After a certain point, I’m not sure how you can feel good about discussing other family members without discussing resolutions.

My family isn’t in the best of places financially and a lot of them lack the knowledge or desire to get themselves out, so talking about their situation is just mean. When I hear about some of the things talked about, I feel bad for all those involved.

I’m glad I stayed home with my new one.


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