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8 observations in 10 days December 20, 2011

Filed under: Children,Family — aprilgrant @ 6:05 pm

My daughter is a whopping ten days old. She is wonderful and entertaining to watch for hours in end (so weird). But I’ve also noticed all sorts of other things:

1. Wearing hand-me-down boy clothes and having my first girl means that I call her ‘him’ a lot. I don’t mean to nor do I wish she was, but those blue clothes trick the brain so easily.

2. Husbands adore their daughters. I don’t recall my son being this intriguing to my husband. If I put her down, he picks her up.

3. Babies can be really strong. If she’s awake, she has complete control of her neck. She can hold herself up, sorta. She doesn’t like being on her tummy and doesn’t stay on it. She pushes herself over. She’s one string little girl. She shakes her head when she doesn’t want her pacifier. It’s adorable and weirdly scary at the same time. She’s only a few days old!

4. She looks amazingly like her brothers and not all at the same time. Genetics are funny. She’s completely the ‘girl’ version.

5. Ceseareans may be convenient, but they aren’t easy. Its still surgery where they cut you open There are so many things that I want to do but can’t. All my excess energy is poured into her.

6. Me and her ‘click’. All she does is a little cry, I come get her, she quiets right down. When she screams with dad, she doesn’t with me. It’s so cute.

7. I still find myself enamored. She’s softening around the edges, spending time awake, taking in her surroundings, looking for the best place to focus in the room.

8. Babies are so tiny. I don’t recall my boys ever being this small. She’s the size of a football. They grow up so fast.

I tried to come up with 10 things but couldn’t. Thought the post title would’ve been catchier. Mainly because I’ve been a little tired.


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