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Welcome New Baby! December 9, 2011

Filed under: Children,Family,Mothering — aprilgrant @ 4:57 am

On a day that promises to give me the gift of a new baby girl, my heart races, my hands shake, my mind is going in circles. This is my first prepped cesarean. I’ve had two others, but both of them were considered emergency. After two, very few doctors allow you to try a vaginal birth.

So, I’m about to have surgery. Yes, for all the right and glorious reasons, but it doesn’t stop me from being afraid. I know people talk about the benefits – choosing a date and time, knowing when they come instead of the sometimes anxiety that comes with the waiting and, of course, skipping that whole labor process.

None of that negates the fact that I’m about to be prodded with needles so they can bring me my bundle of joy. They literally take your insides out. So, the countdown begins…

Two and a half hours…


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