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My Thanksgiving November 28, 2011

Filed under: Family,Holidays — aprilgrant @ 12:55 pm

Overall, I would have to say that my Thanksgiving was pretty awesome! Yep, I said it – Awesome! For the first time in my life, I hosted. Why would I host for the first time when I’m eight and a half months pregnant? No idea.

But it had to be the best one I’ve had for a while. It was relaxing, people talked, joked, remembered, loved and laughed. People shared their lives and their experiences. People who are normally closed off had a lot to say and it was great.

Food was great. Semi-potluck style. I like it that way no matter where I go because people can bring their best dish. And it guarantees that everyone eats something, even if it’s just their own dish. But no worries, food was devoured. The first ten minutes after serving was nearly silent.

What surprised me most was the desire of most people to sit at the kitchen table to eat. I’ve only been to one other Thanksgiving where we ate at the table together. Only downside was the table was meant for six and about 10 people sat at the table. But it was nice. Everyone came in good spirits and seemed to enjoy themselves.

All except one family member. This particular person was the only one not to come to me as they entered. Damn, that sounds like I feel I’m special. I don’t and I’m not. It’s just that upon entry, every single other adult walked in and walked to me. Greeted me. Most said don’t stand. All said don’t come, I’ll come to you. Except this person.

This person walked in and walked to the living room, waiting to be greeted herself. She didn’t say hello. I noticed she came in, then noticed that I didn’t see her until I came partially out of the kitchen. I’m not sure if she was just angry or expected as the elder of the group to be greeted.

Then she took a phone call in the middle of prayer, while we were blessing the food. I’m not sure if she’s a believer and I don’t care, I just don’t understand how you talk during the prayer. It’s about 30 seconds long and you should shut your trap. A simple ‘Hold on’ to the person would’ve been sufficient, but I guess it was too much for her.

Finally, as everyone was departing, everyone this time approaching me to say their goodbyes, she stood near the door. Why come if you can’t be gracious to the host? It wouldn’t have been so bad if while she was standing by the door and everyone said ‘don’t stand’ and came to give me a hug, while she watched, said nothing.

The entry I could brush off to many other excuses, but the departure, I just don’t get. Do you have a family member like this? One who clearly is stepping to the side, but would never dream of just not attending? Although it would seem less awkward or rude?


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