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My thoughts on Christmas… November 22, 2011

Filed under: Family — aprilgrant @ 11:51 am

This started to be a response to a posting over at Yeah. Good Times.

I love Christmas – especially through my son’s eyes. I remember his first Christmas where I just wrapped up boxes and he loved opening them and loved playing with them. I love sitting in front of the fire, watching movies talking with my immediate family (yeah, just my husband). I love the gift giving, not because I don’t believe that my husband doesn’t love me, but actually taking the time to get me something from his own heart is the best thing ever. He gets very busy and sometimes needs a reminder to show it (birthdays, V-day, Christmas).

I hate lists… I want to see what you think of me, not as a competition, but I want it straight from your heart. I want a thoughtful gift, not an expensive gift. And sometimes, it comes out harsh because I get crap. I don’t mean like just a bad gift, I mean like, that gift that you only pick up because it’s by the door and you said “oops, I forgot her, I should get her something”. If that’s the most you think of me, don’t get anything. It hurts less.

I was watching Suze Orman and she had a segment on “What did you get for Christmas last year?” and a lot of people didn’t know. I know exactly what I got. My son knows exactly what he got. The same for my husband.  Why? Because we got thoughtful gifts, gifts that we knew the other person would like and appreciate. We didn’t spend a lot. All of the gifts have been used over and over again. None of them ended up in the back of any closet. I consider myself lucky.

This is a complete aside, but related.  I actually hate it when atheists or agnostics say they hate Christmas – WalMart’s profit margins have nothing to do with the spirit of Christmas, neither are gifts for that matter. Or trees, or pretty much anything that Christmas has become except having “Christ” in the name. The December date was chosen because of the winter solstice and Christians were trying to co-opt the pagan celebration because Jesus wasn’t born in December to get more people to become Christian.

Anyway… this ended up being WAY longer than I anticipated. But I totally get it. I just hope there are some good things that you can pull out to not feel so much animosity towards a day meant for family.


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