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Occupy… November 15, 2011

Filed under: Bias,Blogging — aprilgrant @ 8:55 pm

After two months of the Occupy movement, I’m still AR a loss of the purpose. There has yet to be a unified thought or desire except that Wall Street is bad. Somehow sleeping in a park is good. Is sitting in the park, chanting, holding consensus meetings, holding signs, a protest that’s effecting Wall Street?

Maybe it’s bias in the articles, but it seems like the 99% spends quite a bit of time disc rinsing against itself, especially those who have money and/or jobs and the extreme impoverished. It’s sad, but you can’t run a protest for 99% of the population because we have various different theories of the problem and the potential solutions.

Besides the student loan abatement, no solutions have been relayed to anyone who could make a difference. No ones in charge, so why would anyone take any of the people seriously? Listening to one may not likely change anything.

At this point, I think the Occupiers are being selfish. Co-opting the idea of the 99%, putting the rest of in a ‘them versus us’ dichotomy. As much as I agree with the idea behind the Occupiers, they should all go home and stop putting a strain on the communities in which they inhabit. This indefinite taking of public property is only affecting the rest of the 99%.


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