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Thanksgiving Traditions November 12, 2011

Filed under: Family — aprilgrant @ 1:48 am

Dawn, over at Because I Said So, spoke today about Thanksgiving Traditions.

We don’t have any family traditions, but the more that I think about it, the more my response started to become a Thanksgiving rant. Growing up, our tradition was going over my uncle’s house. Most of the time, it was just our family (my mom, dad (stepdad), me, my sister and my brother) and their family (my uncle, aunt, older girl and younger boy cousin).

These holidays were the best. Mainly because it meant that I didn’t have to dress up or look nice or prepare to really do anything because I would always have the absolutely best job ever for holidays. BABYSITTING!

After dinner, my cousins would be able to do this wonderful thing called going out with friends. Or just stay up in their rooms with the doors closed in their own little world, talking on the phone, playing video games or whatnot.  I, on the other hand, would be stuck downstairs, entertaining my siblings, taking them to the restroom, making their plates or tending to whatever else they need. If, for some reason, my parents would allow me a break with my cousins, it would be regularly broken up with demands to “do something” for them.

Not to say my parents weren’t there… or too drunk to take care of their little ones, it was just their “free time” and looking back, I guess they needed a break from having the paid babysitter watch them and figured that it would give me great practice for my parenting years.

So, I’m trying to start new traditions with my family. This year, everyone’s invited over to my house to partake of food, football, and fun…


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