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I Don’t Shave November 10, 2011

Filed under: Blogging,General — aprilgrant @ 11:06 am

“Don’t” is a strong word, but rarely is definitely true. My hair grows very slow. I really don’t see the point. My husband doesn’t care if the hair on my legs grows. Plus, if I let it grow past stubble, it’s quite soft.

The only time I do shave is when I’m getting dressed up to go somewhere special. I love to have that polished look on “date night”. And shaving does provide that.

The other thing is that I have natural bumps on my legs. They aren’t rough, but they are there, and they are all over my legs. It’s not a condition of any sort, but there’s really no way to get rid of them. They are very small and not really noticable except for when you touch them. For me, I guess I feel like this is my rationale for not shaving – “I wouldn’t have smooth legs anyway”. Oh well, I have a husband who loves me for me (Thank GOD).

(I do shave under my arms and whatnot, just not my legs regularly.)

What do you do or not do that is a faux pas?


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