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I’ve Never… November 9, 2011

Filed under: Blogging,General — aprilgrant @ 10:36 am

Received this idea from Katie at Sluiter Nation. I started with her list to get my drive going. But out of the 20 things she’s never done, I’ve only “never” done eight of them. I feel so naughty, considering myself pretty straight and narrow.

I’ve never…
  1. traveled to Canada or Mexico.
  2. done any illegal drug (other than mary jane, although I wasn’t fond of that experience)
  3. gone bungee jumping
  4. broken a bone
  5. owned a pet of any kind
  6. felt ok about the way I look in a bikini
  7. had a surprise party thrown for me
  8. gone scuba diving
  9. blackmailed someone
  10. been caught drinking and driving
  11. been sky diving
  12. hit on someone else while on a date or flirted with someone else other than my date
  13. shaved my head
  14. lusted over a friend’s dad or family member
  15. gone surfing
  16. been taken by ambulance to the hospital
  17. been involved in a march or protest of any kind
  18. rode a motorcycle
  19. smuggled something into or out of the country
  20. been cheated on (to my knowledge)

So tell me…have you done anything on this list?  Post your own “I Never…” lists and post back here!  Thanks.


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