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Delayed November 8, 2011

Filed under: Children — aprilgrant @ 5:44 am

Temporary website down prevented me from posting earlier. Anywho…

Today was a great day for my son! He did extremely well in class and went to bed early. Probably helpful that I wasn’t here and he couldn’t be attached to me, avoiding sleep.

The PTA hosts an art contest every year called “Reflections”. My son entered – so did several of his friends – at other schools. My son received an honorable mention, a close friend received a nod to continue in the competition. I can’t help but feel a ping of envy.  Maybe because I looked at the other entries and could not see how a first grader could make a perfect circle of crayons and melt them – matching the quality of a teacher who did a similar project – without help. My son’s project was completely him, his idea, his creation. It wasn’t perfect, but I can’t fault it for being the work of a second grader. He drew a picture, then photographed it. He enjoyed making it. It just bothers me that others look like their parents helped.

I will not do my son’s projects, but how long will it be before he realizes that that other parents are doing it?


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