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A Change in Behavior November 7, 2011

Filed under: Children,Mothering — aprilgrant @ 7:24 pm

My son is a Momma’s Boy. He will always be a momma’s boy. He is my son and if I had children, I had always wanted boys. (I will blog about my struggle about having a little girl another day.) Anyway, we are very close. His personality is very much in line with mine. I enjoy his attention and he enjoys mine.

But… his behavior has changed. He says he’s happy to have a little sister, but I’m not quite sure he knows what that means. For the last few weeks, he has been attached to me – wanting to go where I go, do what I do, sit right next to me to watch television or even read a book. When I say, right next to me, I mean, no breathing room, normally sitting on me. And if he slides slightly away from me, he readjusts to sit on me again.

Is this normal? Regular? Typical? I know that the children expecting siblings change their behavior, but how do they adjust after the child arrives? I fear that when it comes time, he won’t be able to adjust being next to me or getting all of my attention. On the other hand, is it possible that he knows that this is the last few days that it’ll just be me and him and he wants to capitalize on it? Are seven-year olds that smart?


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