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A Prayer for April November 6, 2011

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A blogger that I regularly read, Girl to Mom, took prayers for those looking for a little extra help on issues. I strongly believe in the power of prayer and don’t see why others praying for my situation wouldn’t be helpful.

All comments are listed here, but the content is here:

I write:

“Somewhat serious, but feel free to have fun. I’m not even sure how to phrase this.

My mother is coming into town for the birth of my baby daughter. We have a seriously strained relationship.

Any hopes to explain the problems between us, she completely denies and says that either it didn’t happen or my memory isn’t correct on the events (even when there are witnesses).

She will be here for three weeks over the Christmas break. I wish I could say she would be a great help after delivery, but it would not be out of character for her to spend more time holding the baby than me and wonder why the house isn’t cleaned and dinner isn’t cooked. She is planning to be here the day I arrive home from the hospital.

I need all the prayers that I can get to manage to make it through this.”

Dear God,

This is Heidi again, your faithful servant, and as you know, I’ve been pretty pure lately, so my channels are even more clear, now.

My Lord, please grant April’s Mother the gift of a clue. In Your name we pray for her Mom not to be narcissistic and selfish as she has, perhaps, been in the past. April has a new precious baby girl coming into the world, so please inform her Mother that this is not about HER.

O Lord, grant April’s Mother the knowledge that she will in fact, feel and be happier by giving of herself in unselfish acts such as cleaning and cooking and helping around the house, not just doing the fun stuff like holding the bundle of joy while she coos.

April will be recovering from the blissful, yet often painful marathon of delivering new life into the world and when she comes home from the hospital, she needs to be taken care of and given a chance to rest and recover.

April needs to be cherished and celebrated during this most special time, not harassed by a woman floating through life down the “River of De Nile” with a shady memory of past transgressions.

It appears her Mama is either in full denial, blackout or at least “gray-out” mode when it comes to her own wrongdoings. We pray that she sees the light and becomes a light in April’s and her new grandchild’s lives forevermore.

In Jesus’ name we pray,



~ Heidi


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