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Holiday Visitor November 5, 2011

Filed under: Children,Family,Mothering — aprilgrant @ 2:18 am

Most people get excited to see their family. Most people talk about the joy of having their parents come to visit or visiting their parents. I don’t. For various reasons, I don’t like my mother. I don’t enjoy her company. I just say this for background.

Anyway, I spoke to her on Friday. I try to call her regularly, whether or not I want to. Sounds depressing eh?

She’s making plans to visit me this Christmas, to welcome our new baby girl, her granddaughter. Initially, she was planning on coming for over three weeks. She justified the lengthy visit because she said prices were best during those travel days. This changed when I gently let her know that she couldn’t stay here. (More on this another day.)

Shoot, I kinda got off track about where this was going. During our conversation, she mentioned she was going to visit my older sister. She was pricing tickets, times and airports. Aa of Friday, she was planning on staying for two days. She mentioned that she called my sister to get her address, but my sister hadn’t sent it. I had asked if she spoke to my sister about her trip. She responded ‘no’.

Hmmm, you called your daughter to get an address, hadn’t gotten it, but are making plans to stop in the city to see her. Not sure where she’s staying though. I happen to know that my sister doesn’t actually want her to come visit, but I’ll let them work it out.

See, this is my mother. She will act surprised and startled that her children don’t want to see her, although she picked up and moved across country with a couple of months notice.

Tomorrow, I will enlighten you on a little more about her with the help of another blogger. I promise, I’m not depressed or angry. This season will be difficult for me, welcoming a new child and having my mother in town. I hope I don’t scare you away.


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