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Being Prompted November 4, 2011

Filed under: NaBloPoMo — aprilgrant @ 7:53 pm

I have written free flow, but I chose to use the NaBloPoMo writing prompt today… Why? I’m not sure. Maybe just so that you can see a different side of me.  Today’s prompt:

When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?

This is an easy one for me. I like a computer. I hate writing.  I’ve always hated writing. My penmanship throughout grade school sucked because I had the physical action of writing. I hate it when I have a bad pen, or pencil.  I hate it especially when I have that grain of dirt on the tip of my pencil and the writing comes out fine, but you can hear and feel the tip on the grain. 

I also hate my writing. I have friends and family who have absolutely beautiful writing, and mine on the other hand, sucks.  It sucks so bad that one time I hurt my writing hand, so I wrote with my left hand. My teacher noticed, but the comment was something like, it’s worse than normal, now it actually looks like a kindergartener wrote it. Nice, huh? 

I’ve tried using tracing paper and other aids to help my writing, but it never gets better. It’s now legible, but I can’t write for long as my hand physically hurts when writing for more than a few minutes at a time.

A computer on the other hand… ah. It’s great! I type between 50-80 words a minute – differentiated only by my thoughts and continuous practice. The more I type, the faster I type. And don’t give me this touch screen nonsense either.  Who can help but to use non-words, like LOL, just to get your point across because you spend so much time back-spacing to correct the character you incorrectly inputted. On a basic keyboard, I can get across a full thought, spelled correctly, in a shorter amount of time that I could type with auto-correct on my phone.

Thought this would be a quick response, but I guess I really do have an opinion on everything…

Hope you come back!


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