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November NaBloPoMo November 1, 2011

Filed under: NaBloPoMo — aprilgrant @ 4:07 am

Let me introduce myself to NaBloPoMo’s November Blog-A-Day challenge followers.

I’m a pregnant wife and mother that has a full-time job. I’m due right after this challenge is over and using this challenge to get me to blog regularly.  I have a lot on my mind and extremely opinionated. I’m not particularly funny, although I wish I was. Those blogs rock!

My son is the greatest little boy you could have, but is so adaptable, I struggle with discipline and getting him to focus on pretty much anything (except tetherball).

I’ve been married for almost five years and we’ve postponed our five year anniversary party because of our Christmas gift, a little girl.

Of all the things I thought about saying before I sat down to write, I have completely forgotten it all. Not quite sure why, but I hope better posts to come.

Thank you for stopping by!

I’ve “started” a new blog for this NaBloPoMo’s November Blog-A-Day challenge.  Mainly because my family follows my other blog and I have found that without much of a following, it’s stiffling to start a daily challenge.  I may or may not return to that blog. We’ll see.


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