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Picking up Strangers September 16, 2011

Filed under: Children — aprilgrant @ 8:11 pm

I just had an odd experience.

I woke up extremely late, throwing on clothes only on my son, because we all know sweats to take your children to school is pretty standard. Luckily lunch was packed the night before, but we hadn’t taken the pre-spelling test for the week. We managed we to squeeze out the pre-test, while I filled out the obligatory reading log.

My son, who is normally fighting me at every point in the morning, moved quickly and efficiently, managing for us to get us out the door in 20 minutes, including eating.

But none of this is out of the ordinary (except maybe my son actually cooperating with me). What happened next is where it got odd. I picked up a strange kid.

As we’re running out the door, I saw a kid (alone) trying to book it to school. We were driving and I knew we’d barely be on time and thus, this kid was likely to be late. I was already on my way to school, so I offered him a ride. It was the most awkward experience ever. I told him if he felt uncomfortable, I wouldn’t be hurt that he didn’t want to accept, but I’m taking my son to school too. Of course, there are a lots of crazies who use a similar strategy to pick up kids for less than heavenly purposes.

I spent the remaining 2-3 minutes wondering if someone saw us, if someone contacted the police, if I would get in trouble. I hated that feeling. I hate that we live in a society that I have to second guess a good deed, but I know we do. I didn’t breathe until I got to school and they were both out and inside the gate.


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