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The Dog Said it All September 7, 2011

Filed under: General — aprilgrant @ 8:41 pm

I don’t go out much. I’m a homebody. When I do go out, I try not to complain because I’m gracious to have good company and good conversation. I don’t have any animals. I’m not fond of them. I think they are a constant and long-term responsibility that I’m not willing to take on.

I also don’t understand people’s desire to take their pets out to restaurants. Their behavior isn’t conducive to a sitting and eating environment. Most restaurants don’t serve food on the floor. I don’t get it. So, now to the actual point of this post. I went out with my cousin who brought her little dog, Madison, with us to a late lunch. We sat outdoors on the patio. Maddie sat quietly in her purse for two hours, then in her lap for another hour.

Not one server, employee, etc either noticed nor mentioned Maddie’s presence. At the end of hour THREE, my cousin took her little pooch across the street for a potty break. Being a ‘dog friendly’ mall, all of the items were provided to properly clean up after the little one.

Upon returning to the table, and starting to settle the check, a manager (?) came to the table and let us know that we could not have the dog in their restaurant. That’s fine. We’re settling up.

Being that it was a Saturday night, the restaurant was packed and settling the check was taking more time than average. Then another guy, a manager (?), came over to the table without saying a word and reached across her in an attempt to grab the check, presumably because we were taking too much time to leave.

The dog snipped at him. He didn’t bite him, but I know that it scared the bejeezus out if him. If he didn’t know that the dog was there, which I find hard to believe, what he did still wouldn’t have been right. In what world is it ok to walk to the table and reach across your patron to grab the check without saying a word? It was plain rude. Not even an apology. But he was offended by the dog’s reaction to what to some would’ve reacted personally the same way the dog did.

I’m not sure why a manager would think this is ok, nor if the corporation would train their employees to act this way, but it was completely obnoxious and rude. *We went to the Cheesecake Factory on Victoria Gardens. The ‘manager’, I’m not sure because he hadn’t said anything to introduce himself to us, was about six feet tall, Caucasian, salt and pepper hair, and heavyset. I’m presuming he was a manager because he wasn’t dressed in the all-white uniform as the servers. I will be sending a complaint to the corporation as well.


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