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I assume you at the best in public, right? March 20, 2011

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I just came back from the local pharmacy. A woman was there with her children – four or five of them.  None under the age of 5, but you would think they were.  As little attention she paid to her kids, she did get involved when they seemed to somewhat out of control – she yelled. Yes, she yelled “Stop that”.  As you can tell, it was highly effective.  Her kids stopped.

Or, you can actually be there and realize that her children completely ignored her in every sense of their being.  One child, the only son, ignored his mother’s requests to come sit back down to the point where she sent another daughter over to tell him to sit down.  His DSi kept him from acknowledging his sister.

When he was called to the window to pick up the prescription, the mother finally got up, irate and told the pharmacist that her shouldn’t have been in line.  I enjoyed the fact that the pharmacist laughed through it all, even though there was a line building behind me.  The mother wasn’t ready to pay because she was waiting for another prescription for another child.  Instead of communicating that to her son, she kept complaining to the pharmacist.

Is this how we communicate to our children? Or should I say, not to them?  Complain to people standing by and around and hope the child acknowledges?

Anyway, I’m done with my rant for the day.


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