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I’m starting to Hate Facebook March 16, 2011

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Hate Facebook? Why, you may ask.  Well, if you’re still reading, of course you’re asking why.

I’m a homebody.  I wish I was someone surrounded by friends every weekend, where we go out and party, share babysitting responsibilities, sleeping over their house because you were there too late or just couldn’t drive home.  I don’t have that. I have friends.  According to Facebook, I have 1582 of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s a good number of them who aren’t friends. I started playing some of the games on FB, and realized that I needed friends to play them.  I don’t like annoying friends with something I probably shouldn’t be doing anyway.  So, I added a bunch of people from these game groups who I knew would play the game, and I wouldn’t waste time, energy, effort trying to recruit those who had no desire to play.  We can probably remove 1100 for that purpose.

That leaves approximately 482 people that I actually know and have associated with at some point.  482 who my main correspondence with them is through FB. 482 family, friends, colleagues, business associates and acquaintances that I have access to communicating regularly. 482 people that I probably interact with once or twice a year. Of course, that’s still more contacts than a lot of people using FB.

But I’m lonely.  I’m not alone.  I have a wonderful husband who loves me and I him.  I have a son who is great and the cutest thing ever (of course, all moms say that, but if we didn’t, who would?).  But on the friendship level, I’m lonely.

I have had a few close friends in my life. I can go into details, which I will in later blogs, but most ended roughly and suddenly.

Back to FB.  FB reminds me how much fun other people are having, how many parties I’m not invited to, how much time this person hangs out with this person.  Most of all, it reminds me how much time I spend at home, without friendship. FB shows me all of those people in which I used to be intertwined have gone on as if I wasn’t there (which I know I’m not).

Before FB, you could have gone out and had a great time, and if that person wasn’t invited, for whatever reason, you wouldn’t tell them about it.  Now, every sober and drunken picture ends up in their News Feed.  You don’t even have to post it – someone who also attended the party decides to tag you and it ends up in the uninvited person’s News Feed.

I know I’m completely unreasonable and irrational especially considering most of the people that I’ve spent post-high school time with don’t even live near me.  It was me that moved away. I would love to be in those areas again, enjoying as we grow up, progress in our careers, and have families.  And every time I see these posts in the News Feed, I realize how out of the loop I am.

Damn, Facebook!


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