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About to Lose Credit September 16, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — aprilgrant @ 2:39 am

So, many months ago, when I actually thought the economy would rebound, I opted out of my banks’ option to automatically increase my interest rate from 6.99% to 17.99% (so I was told). I was very prudent – asking if I had to “opt-in” now or could I decide later, what the new interest rate would be, and how long did I have to decide. Well, I guess the person on th ephone was either an idiot or just wanted to get off the phone. I was told that I could opt back in at any time before the card expired and my interest rate would increase at that time. I asked several times to confirm that was the deal.

Of course, today, that was not the deal. I asked them to pull up the recorded conversation, only to find out that they can’t and won’t do it. I get to “reapply” for credit with a company that I’ve faithfully been paying my bills for 12 years (without one late payment), only to find out that my potential new interest rate is 30% which is almost equal to usery). Seriously? I’ve been a great paying member, low credit risk for 12 years, but my interest rate can easily go to 30%. I’m going to do something about this nonsense.

If anyone knows how to start a political party, let me know.


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