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What is Meg thinking? March 11, 2010

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I started this blog because I was watching the Meg Whitman commercial with my husband.  She brought forth three points to restore California to its previous glory: (1) bring back jobs, (2) cut spending, and (3) fix education.  As the commercial wore on, I realized that I’m not sure that a Governor, on their own, could bring forth serious change. 

I voted for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Yes, he’s been a terrible disappointment.  But quite frankly, he didn’t do it alone.  While trying to figure out the economy, our state legislature decided to consider having a “No Cussing Week”.  Really?  I prefer not to cuss, and I try my best not to do it at all, but seriously, do we need our politicians stopping thought on serious issues to even contemplate whether or not to enact a “No Cussing Week”?

Every day, I work to put money into my community.  And you know what?  At least once a month, my son is asked to raise funds for his schools because the district doesn’t have the money to finance some basic school supplies.  We don’t live in a poor area.  The schools actually are close to the top of the state’s education.  If this is what we have to do in this area, what do poor communities have to do?  When I was growing up, I remember, possibly, one fundraiser per semester.

Anyway, I’m way off track.  My point is that since we’ve tried all the rest, we tried who we thought was the best, maybe we need to try all new.  Try people who aren’t indebted to the lobbyists and who can actually think and function separately from what’s good for themselves, but what’s good for the state.

What do you think?  Am I way off base?


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